All About Marble Price | What Is Marble | Types of Marble Available in India

All About Marble Price What Is Marble Types of Marble Available in India

Introduction of Marble Price

Marble is an easily available material in the market. It is used on floors and tables, washrooms, and walls of a house or building. The price of marble varies on so many different factors.

From cheap to costlier a variety of marble is available. The quality of marble is also variable. From highly decorative to simple marble can be found in the market.

Being highly decorative the sturdiness of marble varies also. It can be sturdy enough to hold weight but most of the time marble does not provide strength. It is fragile and vulnerable. So one should carry marble with much care. Marble is not a metal. Marble is a types of stone.

In particular, Marble is a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rocks are the types of rocks that change their characteristics under the intense pressure and temperature of the earth.

Using marble in homes, floors, tables, and even walls adds more beauty to the house. Marble is largely used in bathrooms as the surface of the marble is so soft and smooth, that it does not hold water and gives a glance to wherever it is used.

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What Is Marble?

What Is Marble

We all know about metamorphosis. Marble is a result of metamorphosis. For those who do not know what metamorphosis is. The word metamorphosis has different meanings in different subjects.

Metamorphosis refers to a complete change of form of a subject. In biology, metamorphosis means different changes during the life cycle.

Here in Geography, metamorphosis means a change in rocks that are motivated by pressure, heat, temperature, and the presence of water. With time the natural factors work on rocks and change their form of rock to a new one. The formation of marble is a result of metamorphosis on limestone.

Under immense heat pressure and water, the structure of limestone breaks and it changes into marble stone. The metamorphic process of changing limestone into marble has a particular name. It is called epigenesis. In the process of epigenesis limestone changes into smooth-surfaced marble stone.

It is a time taking process. It takes hundreds of years to form marble from limestone. Calcium carbonate and acidic oxides are the main components of marble. Marble is largely used in the construction of the house.

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Types of Marble Available in India

Types of Marble Available in India

Here, the different types of marble in India are as follows.

1. Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble

It is a largely used marble in residences. Carrara marble comes in white background and the veining in gray. Carrara marble also has different types. The background colors of Carrara marble also have a variety. It can be blue or gray-blue. The veining of Carrara marble also has a variety.

2. Statuary Marble

Statuary Marble

Statuary marble has a shiny reflective surface that gives a glossy look to the marble. The veining of statuary marble is different from that of the other types of marble. It has a veining that comes in a large gray tone.

3. Calcutta Marble

Calcutta Marble

Calcutta marble is the most luxurious marble in the world. It is so rare and has something different from other marbles. Calcutta marble is similar to Carrara marble but has some differences. Calcutta marble has a veining that is dark and thick. The veining makes the main difference with Carrara marble.

4. Emperador Marble

Emperador Marble

Emperador marble comes from Spain. It is one of the most beautiful marbles used all over the globe. Emperador marble comes in various colors. The variety of colors of Emperador marble makes it useful for interiors of homes.

5. Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil Marble

Crema Marfil marble has a rustic look that makes it useful for home interiors. It comes in yellow and light beige colors.

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Marble Price

Marble Price

The price of marble depends on some factors. It depends on the color like white, black, red, green, pink, or gray has a different price accordingly. White sangmarmar marble costs around 120 to 150 Rs per square foot. And golden Calcutta marble costs around 180 Rs to 250 Rs per square foot.

The price of Dark green marble, Zanjhar white marble, red marble, or black marble costs the same. The cost varies from Rs 35 to Rs 50 per square foot. The cost of Carrara marble is around 150 Rs to 250 Rs per square foot. Silver beige marble is a bit costlier and it costs around 200 Rs to 350 Rs per square foot.

Sr. No. Marble Name Price
1 Udaipur Pink Marble Rs. 25 – 50/sq ft
2 Dark Green Marble Rs. 35 – 50/sq ft
3 Levadia Black Marble Rs. 35 – 50/sq ft
4 Oman Red Marble Rs. 35 – 55/sq ft
5 Zanjhar White Marble Rs. 35 – 50/sq ft
6 Lady Pink Onyx Rs. 65 – 90/sq ft
7 Wonder Wood Marble
Rs. 75 – 120/sq ft
8 Goldino Marble
Rs. 90 – 120/sq ft
9 Spider Green Marble
Rs. 90 – 120/sq ft
10 Splash White Marble
Rs. 90 – 120/sq ft
11 Burberry Black Marble
Rs. 90 – 150/sq ft
12 White Sangemarmar Marble
Rs. 120 – 150/sq ft
13 ITA Gold Marble
Rs. 120 – 150/sq ft
14 White Indian Statuario Marble
Rs. 130 – 150/sq ft
15 Rainforest Gold Marble
Rs. 135 – 155/sq ft
16 Carrara Marble
Rs. 150 – 250/sq ft
17 Golden Calacatta Marble Rs. 180-250/sq f
18 Indian Lavento Marble
Rs. 190 – 290/sq ft
19 Silver Beige Marble
Rs. 200 – 350/sq ft
20 Nero Marquina Marble
Rs. 250 – 450/sq ft


What Is Marble Made Of?

Marble is made of calcite crystals (white) and some colored grains of mica inclusions; the grains in a marble are locked together like jigsaw puzzle pieces.

What Is Marble Used For?

Marbles are used principally for buildings and monuments, interior decoration, statuary, table tops, and novelties. Colour and appearance are their most important qualities.

What Is Marble Made From?

Marble forms when sedimentary limestone is heated and squeezed by natural rock-forming processes so that the grains recrystallize. If you look closely at a limestone, you can usually see fossil fragments (for example, bits of shell) held together by a calcite matrix.

Types of Marble

Marble comes in a variety of colors and many have different qualities, such as the amount of veining, etc. This being said, there are 5 main kinds of marble that are widely used or regarded in the world. These five kinds are Carrara, Statuary, Calacatta, Emperador, and Crema Marfil.

How Much Does Marble Cost?

Amount of Marble Needed
Marble comes in different colors, thicknesses, and grades. If a particular type of marble is rare, it will be more expensive than more common types of marble. This is why the cost of marble per square foot can range from $40 to $100, with the average cost around $60.

What Type of Stone Is Marble?

metamorphic rock
Marble is a metamorphic rock that is created as a result of the metamorphosis of a combination of rocks under intense pressure and temperatures. These rocks include calcite, limestone, dolomite and serpentine. The main component of marble is calcium carbonate and contains acidic oxide.

What Is Carrara Marble Made Of?

Marble formed from the purest limestone is the white marble characteristic of Carrara. Impurities such as clay or iron oxide give other marbles darker colors.

What Color Is Crema Marfil?

creamy beige stone
Crema Marfil marble is a textured creamy beige stone with soft veins of color including tones of yellow, cinnamon, white and even goldish beige.

What Does Carrara Marble Look Like?

Carrara marble is grayish-white with less large veins and more fine, feathery veining that often appears to be linear. Calacatta marble is a rarer than carrara and is more white than gray with dramatic veining that results in thick, predominate patterns. It often has brown and gold undertones.

How to Clean Crema Marfil Marble?

Crema Marfil regular cleaning
In order to correctly maintain your Crema Marfil marble, please use only water and soap with a pH of between 7 and 10. We would recommend avoiding any soap with a pH of under 7 due to their acidity. For a more effective cleaning, you may use hot water.

What Are the Different Types of Carrara Marble?

Generally, they can be grouped into seven main varieties: the White, the Statuario, the Venato, the Arabescato, the Calacatta, the Bardiglio and the Cipollino. These types of Carrara marble are produced by the Zona Mossa quarry and the Poggio Silvestre quarry.

What Is Natural Carrara Marble?

Carrara marble comes from the Carrara region of Italy (A short drive west from historic Florence). It is usually white or a blue-gray in color, with grey veining. Carrara marble is the most popular type of marble we sell because of its historic beauty.

How Much Does Carrara Marble Cost?

approximately $40 per square foot
Carrara. The most common and affordable type of marble, Carrara marble countertops cost approximately $40 per square foot. Although it’s technically classified as white marble, it comes in varying shades of white and light gray with gray veining, and it can have hints of gold.

What Is Statuary Marble?

Appearance: Statuario marble is a more exclusive stone with distinct gray and gold veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern. This marble is considered to be one of the major white marbles. Statuario marble contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns.

What Is Calcutta Marble?

Calacatta marble is a type of Carrara marble. It comes from the same overall region of Tuscany, Italy. Calacatta marble tends to have a white field. Usually, the whiter the field, the more expensive the marble. The feature that distinguishes Calacatta marble is its veining.

What Is Emperador Marble?

Emperador Marble Tile is a natural tiles product made from raw blocks of marble. It was first manufactured in the early 20th century by an Italian craftsman who perfected his technique for fabricating high-quality decorative slabs and tiles with varied, colorful veins.

What Is Crema Marfil Marble?

Crema Marfil Marble from Spain is a classic cream marble with tan undertones. This collection is ideally suited for indoor bathroom and kitchen applications, such as backsplashes, flooring, countertops, and wall coverings.

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