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All About Survey Levelling

Introduction of Survey Levelling Survey levelling is the method by which we measure the elevation of one land with respect to others. It can also be defined as a method to find out the difference of elevations of different points on the earth’s surface. It helps surveyors and engineers to level, design, plan, and construct … Read more

Soil Hydrometer | How Does a Soil Hydrometer Work | How to Read Hydrometer | What Does a Hydrometer Measure | Advantage, Disadvantages & Uses of Hydromete

Introduction Soil Hydrometer

Introduction Soil Hydrometer A hydrometer is a type of instrument which is used to gauge the general thickness of a fluid, which is utilized. A round and hollowest with graduation marks a hydrometer is made essentially comprises two sections and glass. With mercury a bulb at base weight. The more the hydrometer will sink to … Read more

What Is Chain Surveying | Principle of Chain Surveying | Procedure of Chain Surveying | Error in Chain Surveying | Advantages & Disadvantagesof Chain Surveying

All about of Chain Surveying

Introduction of Chain Surveying Chain surveying is a branch of surveying where only accurate measurements are made in the field. This is especially true for small, detailed areas with a flat surface. It gets its name from the fact that the most widely used basic tool is the chain. What Is Chain Surveying? Chain surveying … Read more

What Is Contour Interval | How to Find the Contour Interval | Uses of Contour Intervals in Surveying | Reading Contour Lines | What Is Importance of Topographic Maps

All about Contour

What Is Contour Interval? A contour interval may be a perpendicular distance or dissimilarity in altitude between two adjacent contour lines in a topographic map. Contour Interval on Topographic Map Index contours are prominent or dense lines that bob up at every 5th isometric line. Generally, there are totally distinct contour intervals for various maps. For a relief map … Read more