All About Rate Analysis | What is Rate Analysis | Rate Analysis of Earth Work, Brick, Concrete and Plaster

What is Rate analysis

What is Rate Analysis? The basis of arriving at a correct and reasonable rate per unit. work or supply for a particular item following its specification and detailed survey of materials, labor, equipment, etc. as required for the unit work and their prevailing rates may be called an analysis of rate. The procedure of analyzing … Read more

How to Calculate Quantity of Material For Plaster | Measurement of Plastering Quantities | Material for 20 mm Thick Plastering in Wall for 100 Sq.m.

How to Calculate Quantity of Material for Plaster

How to Calculate Quantity of Material for Plaster? Plastering is the practice of coating rough walls and uneven surfaces in the building of houses and other buildings with a plastic substance, called plaster, which is a combination of lime or cement concrete and sand together with the requisite quantity of water. It should stick to … Read more