What Is Sealing Brick Work| Advantages of Brick Sealer | Types of Brick Sealer

Sealing Brick Work | Advantages of Brick Sealer | Interior Brick Sealer | Exterior Brick Sealer | How to Seal Brick Wall | Best Brick Water Repellent Sealer

What Is Sealing Brick Work? Although brick is hard and sturdy, however, it is additionally abysmally porous, thus it will absorb water and over time, water absorption can cause crumbling and cracking within the brick. A sealer can be applied with a roller if no pump sprayer is procurable. Solvent-based sealers are most popular for … Read more

What Is Plaster | Plaster Ratio | History of Plastering | Requirements of Good Plaster

What Is Plaster? Plastering is the process of covering uneven surfaces and rough walls in the construction of houses and other structures with a plastic material known as Plaster, which is a mixture of cement or lime concrete and sand along with the required quantity of water. Different Plastering Ratios of Cement Mortar Used Quantities … Read more

21 Difference Between Gypsum Plaster and Cement Plaster | What Is Gypsum Plaster | What Is Cement Plaster

All about Gypsum Plaster

What Is Gypsum Plaster? Gypsum plaster is made by heating gypsum at low temperatures to drive off water, to produce plaster of Paris a chalky, fast-setting material commonly used for molds and for casts to repair broken bones. It can be mixed with time to form a fast-drying interior finish plaster known as gauging plaster, … Read more