All About Transom Window | What Is a Transom Window | Types of Transom Window

All About Transom Window | What Is a Transom Window | Types of Transom Window

What is a Transom?

What is a Transom?

The transom is blank of the window, but it is one kind of beam which divide the upper of the door and window from the wall volume. The chief motive of offering transom is to take the burden. This word is discover from the Latin word Trans which is known as across, and summer, known as carrying.

Transom windows appear in other elements, designs, sizes, styles, and glass classes, and The framing details appear in different aspects like PVC, glass thread, alum, and woodland.

The quality of fiberglass, such as glass thread, natural kind of glass, etc. But its place their brand is held. The transom windows possess more paths to create a building that is extra valuable and unique. It will place outside also the inner front side of the building and appear in twain classes such as locked and available types—the action of the window with the support of a pin roll.

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What Is the Purpose of Providing a Transom Window?

What Is the Purpose of Providing a Transom Window?

A transom window will most apply for 10years for natural light. Due to closure, reinforcement structure does not originate. So the main flexible transom kind window uses. It unclosed and locked the window to permit air from interior to exterior, exterior to interior, and one to another cabin. At present, transom windows will highly apply for design motives.

Types of Transom Window

Types of Transom Window

1. Fixed Type Transom Window

Fixed Type Transom Window

It fixed the transom window state, which is not enclosed and locked. It improves elsewhere. Installment of fixed transom window can locate with window and door.

So it can be capable of releasing sunlight indoors the structure. These kinds of windows apply for fancy reasons like the lounge, garden, and upper extremity. It appear in various qualities.

2. Arched Transom Window

Arched Transom Window

The prominent structure display arched windows, curved is suitable for the fancy reason for the home. It applies on the housetop and is superior to the window.

An arch transom window is best for the lean-to-roof and hipped roof. This window is fix that base on the pieces of equipment. It is not suitable for stylish class and roof algae cleaners.

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3. Bathroom Transom Window

Bathroom Transom Window

Transom windows are the best for the dresser, bathroom, and water closet. A transient window spply7 in the boiling sector and offers a suitable extent of breathing.

4. Shed Transom Window

Shed Transom Window

A shed transom window finds in lengthen and plane design at the roof and upper wall. If you need high brightness in the cabin, the window’s distance multiply by the ceiling.

Shed windows are found in several designs, styles, fiberglass, and framework and apply in short-term figures such as storerooms and parking spaces.

Advantages of Transom Window

Advantages of Transom Window

Here, different pros of transom window are as follows:

  1. Privacy: constantly, you don’t need to brightness indoor the cabin in a situation you can select a fixed transom type window.
  2. Sunlight can pass sunlight to the room, which appears to be shining and spacious.
  3. Cost-effective: These window are inexpensive, equal to French and casement windows.
  4. Energy-saving: it is energy-saving as equal to a different window.
  5. Tasteful noise: a free window does not operate but increases the room’s modernist appearance.
  6. Simple to handle: it is simple to work, such as unclose and lock with rope support.
  7. It is an emphasis kind of window which create a beautiful and stylish glow in the room.
  8. The transom can make a unique indoor wall like the living room, dining hall, and cook room.

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Disadvantages of Transom Window

Disadvantages of Transom Window

Here, the different cons of transom window are as follows.

  1. Transom window polish is problematic because it is more likely to erect and termite attack.
  2. It is more suitable for a high roof and tiny tot.
  3. In a fixed transom window, don’t lock and unlock the window; it can’t offer sunlight.
  4. It does not look clean and polished.

Cost to replace front door with sidelights and transom

The minimum price to decorate an outdoor is $420 to $1700. The front door install price is $505 to $1900, and the back entrance and parking space design price is $300 to $750 maximum. Outdoor costs minimum of $200 to $800, when worker price to replace an outdoor door is $250 to $1300.


What Is a Transom?

A strengthening crossbar, in particular one set above a window or door.

What Is the Window Above a Door Called?

Transom windows (also called transom lights) sit above an entry, patio or interior door, or other windows.

What Is a Door Transom?

Transoms are stationary sections of glass placed above an entry door and its sidelights. They allow natural light to stream into your entryway. With two styles available to choose from, you can add design interest with a rectangular transom or elliptical transom.

What Is the Glass Above a Door Called?

Transoms separate doors from windows above the door and allow extra light to enter your home when they are placed above exterior windows. The windows are generally rectangular and placed horizontally, and may be sectioned with trim. Door transoms can be used on interior doors, and these are mainly ornamental in nature.

What Is the Purpose of a Transom Window?

They let additional natural light into a room at a height that didn’t enable others to look in. They also opened via metal hinges, providing airflow. Exterior transom windows were located on front doors to allow air in from outside. Interior transom windows provided airflow throughout the home.

Size of Transom Window

Most transom windows range from 12 inches in height to over 3 feet. Depending on your needs, you can find smaller or larger sizes. The typical widths of transom windows range from about 15 inches to 8 feet.

Types of Transoms

Transoms are available in various shapes (square, rectangular, half round, elliptical) and are commonly available in “standard” sizes to fit over “standard” door units such as a single door, a door with one sidelite or a door with two sidelights.

Transom Window Cost

Transom windows are a low-cost window option, costing an average range of just $334 to $711 per window, with a national average of $459 per window. The window materials should cost about $249 to $531 per window, while professional installation will cost around $70 to $150 per window on average.

Transom Window Replacement Cost

Transom windows, also known as transom lights, are one of the cheapest options you’ll find to improve your home’s look. The national average cost to install transom windows is $200, but homeowners can expect to pay around $120 to $270 per window, including materials and labor.

Cost of Front Door with Sidelights and Transom

The average cost to replace a front door with sidelights and a transom is $1,700 to $3,600. Transoms can be purchased separately for $100 to $400 depending on the material and size.

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