Types of Roof Tiles | Tile Roof Replacement | Tile Installation Cost | Roofing Tile Price | Ceramic Tile Price Per Square Foot | Tile Installation Factors

Types of Roof Tiles | Tile Roof Replacement | Tile Installation Cost | Roofing Tile Price | Ceramic Tile Price Per Square Foot | Tile Installation Factors

Types of Roof Tiles

Types of Roof Tiles

There are various types of tiles that are available in the market. There are mainly twelve types of tiles are available, those are

  • Slate Roof Tile
  • Metal Roof Tile
  • Concrete Roof Tile
  • Composite Roof Tile
  • Solar Roof Tile
  • Clay Roof Tile
  • Synthetic Spanish Barrel Roof Tile
  • Synthetic Slate Roof Tile
  • Synthetic Cedar Roof Tiles
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Porcelain Tile
  • Glass Tile

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1. Slate Roof Tile

Slate Roof Tile

Slate roof tile is made from natural stone; it provides different and unique colours. This type of tile is excellent in fire-resistant. Slate roof tile is very durable & long-lasting.

These tiles are extremely heavy, so you need to construct a reinforced cement structure for support. It’s a very costly construction, and it requires more skilful labours.

2. Metal Roof Tile

Metal Roof Tile

Metal roof tile is another type of roof tile. This type of tiles is mainly made of aluminium, zinc, copper, steel, etc.

This type of tile is very lightweight and easy to install, so it’s economical, but some of the disadvantages of metal roof tile are-

  • Metals are very noisy
  • Repair of metal is not very easy
  • It does not heat resistive material
  • Rust is the huge problem of metal

3. Concrete Roof Tile

Concrete Roof Tile

Among all different types of tiles, Concrete Roof tiles are the least expensive material. This type of tile is very heavy, so it requires the required structures to carry the heavy loads of the concrete roof tile.

4. Composite Roof Tile

Composite Roof Tile

Composite roof tile is made of half natural material and half human-made material. These tiles are very lightweight, and the company gives you warranties & it doesn’t require so many skilled labours.

5. Solar Roof Tile

Solar Roof Tile

This type of tile is very effective to use. It can produce the electricity for your whole house, and it’s also eco friendly, but the main disadvantage of this tile is the initial cost of that type of tile is too high.

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6. Clay Roof Tile

Clay Roof Tile

Clay roof tile is one of the most popular and ancient product. This type of tile is heavy due to its clay load, so it requires extra support, and there is a lot of chances in breaking this tile.

7. Synthetic Spanish Barrel Roof Tile

Synthetic Spanish Barrel Roof Tile

This type of tiles is mainly observed in a Spanish villa last time. This type of tile is lightweight, fire-resistant and recyclable also. There are many varieties of colours in this section.

8. Synthetic Slate Roof Tile

Synthetic Slate Roof Tile

This type of tile is not good in the winter season; it may be freeze and break. It’s a composite material and eco friendly also.

9. Synthetic Cedar Roof Tiles

Synthetic Cedar Roof Tiles

These tiles are lightweight and free from the crack, warp, rot, fungal attack etc.

10. Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is one of the most common types of tile. The main purpose where these types of tiles are used that is in the residential building.

This type of tiles are extremely durable; for that reason, it is used in the room, bathroom, kitchen, entryway of any house, etc.

Ceramic tiles are easy to install and easy to clear; these tiles are also available in different textures. The budget of this type of tiles is not so much higher that’s why it’s an economical product.

11. Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is another type of commonly used tile. It’s used primarily in outdoors & it’s highly resistive against the freeze, crack or fade.

Porcelain tile also available in many different colours, shape, size. The main disadvantage of this type of tile is it requires more skilful than others, so it’s costly.

12. Glass Tile

Glass Tile

Glass tile is an excellent substitute for natural stone tile. Glass tile is mainly used for decorative purpose, but it’s quite uneconomical. This is mainly used in bathroom, kitchen etc.

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Tile Roof Replacement

Tile Roof Replacement

There are so many types of replacement or repair techniques are available in the marketplace. Some of them are-

  • Shingles Repair or Replacement
  • Concrete Roof Tile Repair
  • Clay Roof Tile Repair

1. Shingles Repair or Replacement

Shingles Repair or Replacement

  • This type of roofs is required to repair in leakage, crack or curling shingles.
  • It required skilled and experienced labours along with contractors.
  • It’s an expensive repair technique because it requires more skilful labour.

2. Concrete Roof Tile Repair

Concrete Roof Tile Repair

  • Naturally, concrete roof tiles don’t require any types of repair because it’s a long-lasting and durable product.
  • If there is a damage in a concrete tile, then it doesn’t require to repair the whole roof, you can just repair that damaged tiles.
  • It also requires skilled labours.

3. Clay Roof Tile Repair

Clay Roof Tile Repair

  • Clay tile is eco-friendly, and sometimes it lasts for many years, but this type of tile is very much breaking probability.
  • If there is a small crack in the tile, then you can brush up with the brush on that portion and apply a cement-based sealing solution to repair it.
  • If there is massive damage in the tile, then you need to replace that tile.
  • This repair or replacement technique is economical.

Tile Installation Cost

Tile Installation Cost

  • Tile installation cost is a little bit higher than the other.
  • Roof tile cost in India is near about between nine thousand to eighteenth thousand per hundred square feet.
  • The cost of concrete tile is less where the cost of clay tiles is higher.
  • In cement tiles, there are other costs for reinforcement purpose.
  • In additional cost of near about ten to twenty thousand for labour purpose.

Cost to Install Ceramic Tile

Cost to Install Ceramic Tile

  • The main cost of materials for tile fixing is near about thirty to forty rupees per square foot.
  • There is a labour cost for installing, the cost of this is thirty-five to forty per square foot.
  • For installing tile, it requires powdered tile-grout, the cost of that product is near about eighty rupees per square foot.
  • The cost of miscellaneous expenses is fifteen to twenty-five rupees per square foot.

Roofing Tile Price

Roofing Tile Price

The cost of roof tile depends upon the material price, availability, demand, etc. Here is the chart of the roof tile price-

Roof Tile Type Cost Per Sq. Feet
Costs Per Square
Clay Tiles 450-1000 4,400-1,01,000
Concrete Tiles 300-700 3,000-1,09,000
Slate Tiles 650-1200 66,000-1,17,000
Solar Roof Tiles 1500-1800
Terracotta Tiles 350-1100 40,000-1,17,000

Ceramic Tile Price Per Square Foot

Ceramic Tile Price Per Square Foot

  • There are various types of tiles that are available in the market, but ceramic tiles are one of the most popular titles which are used widely.
  • Price of ceramic tiles are not the same, some of them are cheap, and some of them are a little bit expensive.
  • The price of low budget ceramic tiles are near about 32 rupees per square foot, and the average price tiles are 183-220 rupees per square foot.
  • The installation cost of ceramic tiles is near about 120-150 rupees per square foot. The installation cost depends on labour availability, skills of labours, labour required per work, etc.

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Tile Installation Factors

Tile Installation Factors

There are several factors which are affecting the tile installation. Tile installation factors mainly depend on the materials. Those factors are-

  • Grading and Brand
  • Sales tax, shipping and delivery charges
  • Type of the tile or grade of the tile
  • Additional materials for installation and supply
  • Installation charges


Type of Roof Tiles

  • Clay Roof Tiles.
  • Concrete Roof Tiles.
  • Interlocking Roof Tiles.
  • Large Format Roof Tiles.
  • Low Pitch Roofing Tiles.
  • Pantiles Roof Tiles.
  • Slate Roofing Tiles.
  • Solar Roofing Tiles.
  • Traditional Roof Tiles

Cost to Replace Roof Tiles

A tile roof typically costs $8,274 to $21,005, with a national average price of $12,508. Homeowners pay $12,508 on average to install a new tile roof, but that price typically ranges from $8,274 to $21,005. Plan to pay at least $5,800 on the low end or upward of $47,000 on the high end.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Ceramic Tile Per Square Foot?

The national average to install ceramic or porcelain tile ranges between $13.50 and $63 per square foot. If by chance, you’re looking to install tile flooring outdoors, the national average is between $14 and $83 per square foot.

What Are Roof Tiles Made of?

Roof tiles are made of local, natural and recyclable materials such as terracotta (also known as clay), slate and concrete. All three of these roofing materials offer lifelong durability and fireproofing; two superior qualities that continues to set them apart from the competition.

How Much Does a Slate Roof Cost?

A slate roof costs an average of $30,000, though you may pay $45,000 or more for a large roof with high-end materials. Natural slate tiles cost $10–$30 per square foot of roof space.

How Long Will a Tile Roof Last?

50 years
In general, a cared for and well maintained tile roof can last 50 years, although there are buildings in Europe whose tile roofs have lasted for centuries. Tile roofs exceed all other types of roofing materials for longevity.

How Long Does a Slate Tile Roof Last?

While a typical asphalt roof should last for about 20 to 30 years, a slate roof should last 50 to 200 years. For those who don’t want to reroof in their lifetime, slate’s an appealing option. Slate is also a natural material and remains recyclable for other applications after its use atop your home is complete.

How Much Do Concrete Roof Tiles Cost?

Concrete roof tile: Concrete tile is the least expensive type of roofing tile and the lightest, but it’s also the least weather-resistant. Concrete tiles cost between $2 and $4 per square foot, materials only, or $9 to $18 installed.

Which Is Better Clay or Concrete Roof Tiles?

Clay and concrete tiles can outperform many other roofing materials. However, clay is the more durable of the two, with the ability to last well over 100 years, as opposed to concrete tiles that can last 30 to 50 years.

How Much Are Solar Roof Tiles?

The average price of solar roof tiles ranges from $15,000 to $20,000, but Tesla shingles could cost more than $70,000, along with a lengthy installation period.

What Is Clay Roof Tiles?

Clay roof tile is a ceramic product made up of a solid unit of clay or shale, or both, formed into any shape, generally rectangular planar shapes while in a plastic state and fired in a kiln. Clay Roof Tiles.

How Much Is Clay Roof Tile?

Clay Tile Cost Estimator by Roof Size
On average, a clay tile is priced between $5 and $9, and when you add the cost of professional installation, the total comes out to $8 to $24 per square foot.

How Much Is Ceramic Tile?

Ceramic tiles cost, on average, between $2 and $20 per square foot. The cost to have the tiles professionally installed ranges between $5 and 20 per square foot, with a total cost ranging from $7 to $40 per square foot, including materials and labor.

Is Porcelain Tile Durable?

Porcelain tile is highly durable. Because it is extremely hard and dense, this tile resists wear, scratching, chipping, and cracking. That makes it an exceptional choice for homes with pets and active children.

Which Is Better Porcelain or Ceramic Tile?

Density & Durability
Porcelain tiles are denser than ceramic, and therefore less porous. Meaning they’re harder, therefore more durable and absorb less water. This makes them more suited to high footfall areas which will see heavy use.

Which Is More Durable Porcelain or Ceramic Tile?

The major difference between porcelain tile and ceramic tile is how it’s made. Both tiles are made from a clay mixture that’s fired in a kiln, but porcelain tile is made from more refined clay and it’s fired at higher temperatures. This makes it denser and more durable than ceramic tile.

How Is Porcelain Tile Made?

Porcelain tiles are made from very fine clay that is fired at high temperatures to remove moisture and to form a hard, and dense tile. The characteristics of porcelain tiles are dense and durable with water absorption of less than 0.5%.

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