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What Is Fence?

Creating a barricade that can be permanent or temporary alongside the boundary line of land or a plot is called Fence. The motive for the construction of fences can be different and according to the motives, different types of fences are made. If the fence is for differentiating two different plots or lands then permanent Fence of wood or wire can be made.

If the motive is to guard the land of a farmer from stray cattle or other elements then electric fences can be made and so on. Usually, Fence is done by constructing pillars alongside the boundary line of plots and the pillars then are connected by using a variety of different types of materials. These materials can be tails, wires, boards, nets, concrete, and so on.

Fence is different from a wall. These are very pocket-friendly and maintenance is very easy and cheaper than that of a wall. Building a wall requires more money, labor, and most importantly time! Whereas Fence is beneficial for all these aspects. Fence is cheap and takes a lot less labor and saves time. Also, reconstruction in case of any disaster is easier and cheaper.

Everything has some drawbacks and so does the Fence. Fence is less secure than a permanent concrete wall. Breaking a fence is easier and trespassers can easily trespass to the plot. In the case of electrical fences done for cattle and stray animals, a human can also be affected, and even can die.

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Necessity of a Fence

In homes and living places Fence is the only substitute for a wall that is so costly to build. To save your land and boundary line from any disputes Fence is necessary. The area where no one lives is also subject to guard. So Fence is a much-needed thing there also.

To stop people from trespassing on your property is very essential for security reasons. Fence, if done with good quality material and concrete pillars can do this job quite well. Farmers must keep their land and their hard-earned crops secure from stray cattle, other stray animals, and unsocial elements that can harm the crops deliberately.

In that case, building a fence around the land is the only way. Sometimes electric fences are used in this kind of scenario. For disputed areas or areas where disputes can happen, Fence is much needed. It can end old disputes as well as create new ones so measurements should be taken.

In ongoing construction areas, fences must be installed as there could be much costly stuff and equipment lying around that can be stolen. To stop trespassing on these ongoing construction sites Fence is needed.

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Different Types of Fences

1. Concrete Fence-

When Fence is done using concrete, that is called concrete Fence. Concrete Fence is much more durable and costlier as well. These types of Fence provide the best quality of security.

Being considered a permanent type of Fence, concrete Fence can be made of precast concrete or concrete can be made at the site of the construction. In the case of the precast concrete building is easier and the waste material is lesser than that of making concrete on the construction site.

In the standard concrete Fence, the mixture made of cement is poured into molds. After the solution hardens the concrete is ready to be placed at the fence.

2. Chain/ wire Fence-

Chain link fences are fences that are woven with LLDPE coated or galvanized wire. These woven fences make a net-like pattern.

It is the most preferred type of Fence as this type of Fence is cost-effective, takes fewer hours of labor, and fits all kinds of places. Chain Fence is used in homes as well as in public areas, playgrounds, and many other areas.

Chain-link fabric fence also known as a wire fence protects animals and blocks them from entering the area. Chain link fences are of many kinds like Chain link Fence using galvanized chain- this kind of Fence is done by using GI wire. These GI wires are heavily coated and galvanized.

Chain link Fence using chains of stainless steel- In this type of Fence chains made of stainless steel is used. S-316 or 304-grade wire is used. Chain link Fence using galfan coated chain- In galfan coated chain link Fence, grade 90/10 galfan wire is used. Chain link fences are cheaper and best for temporary Fence on construction sites.

3. Picket Fence –

These types of Fence are commonly used for decorative purposes on the outside of the house. In America these fences are common. White-colored wooden picket fences will give the house a picture-like aesthetic. If you have a lawn that is manicured beautifully and a garden along with it then going for picket fences will be an excellent decision.

Pickets have a large gap between two bars. That gap provides good quality wind resistance to the house as well as allows air penetration without being damaged.

Picket fences may not protect you from trespassers who are criminally involved but they definitely can protect your lawn and garden from entering spoiled children who can harm the garden. Also, they make the boundary around your home.

According to your preferences, picket fences can be cheaper as well as costly. So you can choose whatever you want. Installing picket fences is easy and maintenance is also easier than that of the other type of fence.

Picket fences contain posts, rails, pickets, and caps. The horizontal bars that support the pickets are called rails. Rails are supported by posts that are the strength provider of the fence. Pickets are the bars that are attached to the rails and caps are the top portion of posts.

4. Ha-ha Fence-

If you want not to block the view of your house and landscape and at the same time want to keep animals out of the land area then haha is the solution.

By the strange name, ha-ha fences may appear interesting to you. Ha- ha fences are types of sunken fences. Ha-ha fences are vertical barriers. These type of fences does not impede the landscape view.

Ha-ha fences are introduced in eighteenth-century England. These fences were introduced keeping in mind not to block the view of the landscape. And provide a boundary that helps keep animals outside.

To make these types of fences at first a deep sunken ditch needs to be dug. A long deep trench is to be made and inside the trench, the Fence is done. This makes a fence that is not visible from far distances and does not block the view. So haha fences are tricky.

5. Electric Fence-

Electric Fence is the best solution for farmers who want to keep their crops safe from animals or even people.

A barrier is made with posts made of insulating materials and bare electrical wires are attached along with the posts. Electric runs through the wires but does not complete a circuit. When an animal or person touches the wire, electricity runs through its body reaching the ground and thus the circuit completes. The completion leads to a shock to the animal. These shocks keep animals away from the field.

The amplitude of the shock varies. But mostly the shock will not be lethal as they contain low amperage and high voltage. But in some places like prisons or around the army places fences can be lethal. Electrical Fence can be expensive.

6. Site Fence-

Site Fence is a type of temporary Fence which is usually done around a construction site. Other than construction sites site Fence is done around demolition sites, security-sensitive events, or sometimes normal outdoor events.

Site Fence is very cost-effective and easy to install. The size of temporary Fence can vary. Industry-standard temporary fences are 2 meters tall and 3 to 3.5 meters wide.

Temporary fence panels comprise a frame of steel wire mesh which is attached. These frames also can be comprised of 4 unique tubes which are attached by welding and create a rectangular shape.

Temporary Fence or site Fence can be of two types depending on the top shape. Round-top temporary Fence panels are frames of which the top is round-shaped. Square too temporary fences are on the top with 90 degrees angle four steel tubes.

7. Metal fences-

Metal fences are the most sturdy and secure fences. They are more durable and require less maintenance than other fences. Usually wrought iron and aluminum are used as materials for metal Fence.

Wrought iron gives an elegant look to the house and can be suitable in both urban and suburban areas. Wrought iron fences are decorative and give stunning looks to the yard. But as iron gets rusted over time so wrought iron fences need regular maintenance to keep them long-lasting.

Aluminum Fence is a great substitute for wrought iron as aluminum doesn’t get rusted. They need less maintenance. For coastal areas, aluminum fences are the best. Steel can be also used as Fence material. Steel is sturdy and gives an excellent level of security.

8. Timber Fence-

Timber Fence also referred to as wooden Fence is the most common Fence type. Timber Fence is of many different types. Feather board Fence also known as close board Fence is made of long timbers of a height of around 6 ft.

These timbers are attached to horizontal rails of long timber. Timber posts are dug into the grounds and with the posts, rails are attached. This type of Fence is called feather board Fence.

Another timber Fence is lap panel Fence. Timber gravel boards are placed at the bottom or concrete is made on the ground and from the base lap panels are raised. Lap panel fences provide good quality privacy. But lap panel Fence is not as durable as other timber Fences.

Another type of Fence is semi-solid panel Fence. This Fence is a rather decorative type of Fence. It is made of timber slats that are placed horizontally. A strong frame is made first and then rails along with it are made. There should be a small gap between every two slats. These gaps allow light and wind to enter.

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Advantages of Fence

Fence has many advantages of its own. Here are some advantages are given below-

  1. Fence gives the property an additional value. Both momentarily and aesthetically.
  2. Fence around the house gives a security advantage over bare boundaries.
  3. Fence can keep children and animals outside the house.
  4. Fence, if done properly, gives more security.
  5. It is cheaper than building a wall around the house.
  6. For reconstruction and rejuvenation, Fence is easier than having a wall.
  7. Making a fence around the boundary is less time taking and requires less labor.
  8. Maintenance is easier and cheaper than a fence.
  9. Some Fence gives wind resistance and does not allow much light or vision outside while some types of fences give air to enter and give an uninterrupted view outside as well as do not block the beauty of the house to the passerby. So there is versatility.

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Benefits of Fence

Fence has so many benefits. They are as mentioned below.

  1. Creating a sound barrier- Fence if done with proper materials and proper measurements, can work as a sound barrier to your house. Understandable that they do not block noise or sound completely but even if they don’t, they work as great resistors. So having a fence around the boundary of a house will benefit from noise. Especially if the house is situated in noisy areas like beside a market or a high road, rail station, etc.
  2. Blocking unwanted views- Fences like timber Fence and concrete Fence can block views of the outside that you do not want to see. For dingy places blocking some views are very important for living peacefully. These fences can work very well in that scenario. And reversely, if you want some parts of your house not to be seen from outside, they work as well.
  3. Security- Fence provides very good security if done for security purposes. If good quality material is used, trespassing on the land will be very hard for people. And not only that, but it will also add a sense of security to the homeowner’s mind.
  4. To protect the garden from children or animals – spoiled children, as well as stray animals both, are a nuisance if you have a beautifully maintained garden. Sometimes getting attracted by beautiful flowers or plants children may enter the garden and harm your garden. In that case, Fence is much needed. Also from animals, fences provide security as well.
  5. Benefits for farmers – Farmers must keep their crops safe from stray cattle and other animals at any cost. For this, Fence is the only option a farmer can opt for. As Fence is affordable and easier to install at any place it is very helpful to the farmers. Also sometimes farmers use electric fences to save their crops.
  6. Protect the boundary- protecting the boundary of a plot is very essential to survive the land. So Fence is the only option you should go for. If not done then your precious land can be forcefully occupied by your neighbors, a scenario you would not wish to be true.
  7. Protecting the landscape view- some types of Fence protect the landscape view very well. Not only that, an aluminum fence or superior wooden fence will give another feather in the cap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are Different Types of Fences?

  1. Wood Fences.
  2. Vinyl Fences.
  3. Composite Fences.
  4. Metal Fences.
  5. Chain Link Fences.
  6. Specialty Fences.
  7. Fence Anatomy.

What Type of Fence Is Best?

  1. Cedar Fencing is Both Appealing and Durable.
  2. Modern Vinyl Fencing is a Great Option.
  3. Composite Fences are Worth the Money.
  4. Metal Fences Give You a Classic Yet Contemporary Look.
  5. Chain Link Fence is One of the Most Affordable Materials on the Market.

Cost of Fence

Fence Price by Material Cost Per Linear Foot
Wire fence $1 – $4
Chain-link fence $12 – $33
Wood fence $14 – $31
Vinyl fence $17 – $38

What Is Chain Link Fence Made of ?

Generally, Chain-Link Fences Are Made from Wire, Which Is Itself Made from Either Galvanized Steel or Aluminum and Comes in Massive Pools Prior to Production.

What Type of Vinyl Fence Is Best ?

Bufftech Vinyl Fence Is Tested to the Highest Standards for Performance. the Bufftech Line Includes Styles Approved for Use Around Swimming Pools and in High Wind Conditions (Miami-Dade County Approved Noa#18-0920.04, Expires 3-13-2024). Bufftech Vinyl Fencing Also Meets the Strict Standards of the Astm.

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