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What Are Plumbing Fittings?

What Are Plumbing Fittings?

Plumbing fittings are water systems that perform ingredients that support turning the angle of the motion of water. To turn the measure of pipe in putting like abstainer, straight tee.

To break the water motion at the corner of the plumbing lines of the joints, There are many kinds of plumbing fitting applied in plumbing fitting.

Types of Plumbing Fittings

Types of Plumbing Fittings

1. Adaptor

Adaptors are generally applied for increasing pipes continuing in the onward angle with the exact or diverse diameters. We can attach two different pipes to the exact break by applying an adapter. Adaptors’ role is mainly the same as pipe jointing with the diverse too which they attach pipes of different kinds, and one is an Iron Pipe Size (IPS).

It may have reverse gender necessary to be repaired onto a tiny pipe. Adapters can be applied for many electricity, but they are generally applied to attach diverse pipes to types of equipment.

2. Barb

A barb is commonly applied to attach tubes to pipes. It is necessary to have a male around a barbed hose, a collected and narrow cone. Plastic barbs are applied when necessary to bring frozen water and cheek if they bring deep water.

3. Coupling

It is generally applied to join the two pipes of the exact width. Couplings can be applied to fit pipe blockage. Couplings have two basic kinds called compression coupling and slip coupling. Compression coupling is highly applied to attach two pipes, and it is good to help blockage through the adjustment of gaskets on two sides, as the glue is offered.

Slip coupling has two pipes adjusted from one side to the other. It is ideal like the indoor pipe can roll up to a few distances. So, we can resolve the issue of distance injury pipe by slip coupling.

4. Cross-Type

Cross-type plumbing fitting has four vents, and there are parallel to each other. This fitting is applied when four pipes are gathering at the very end. These kinds of plumbing fitting are made from original stone as it has to carry much pressure. This pressure comes from that end, where four pipes are attached from diverse angles. These kinds of plumbing fitting are highly applied in sprinkler systems.

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5. Double Tapped Bushing

Double tapped bushing

The double-tapped bushing is a kind of nipple alone, but it has to thread on two-side the inner and outer. It is called double-tapped bushing due to its central hole being interwoven from upper and down.

6. Elbow


It is applied to turn the angle of the pipework. Elbow find indifference edges 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, and 90 degrees. General kinds of elbow apply for pipes of the exact width, and faster kinds of elbow apply when diversion is to be done for a pipe of different width. They build from various fabrics. Elbows are highly found with female threads, and we can set them by socket welding.

7. Mechanical Sleeve

Mechanical sleeve

Mechanical sleeves are commonly applied to attach two pipes through a screw. This adjustment goes free to set and recover. The mechanical pipe sleeves are popularly produced from rubber fabric placed in a metal jacket. As we solid the mechanical sleeves demand, it constricts the rubber inner to build a solid device

8. Nipple


It is the most popular profitable pipe fixture in plumbing fitting. The nipple is not attached to both pipes, but it attaches to both fittings gathered. A short pipe fitting is created of materials like steel, CPVC, and copper. A nipple with constant treading, then it knows block nipple. The nipple is found in males and appear at various length.

9. Reducer


The fitting applied to create a big cross-field is known as a reducer. It has two kinds of joints: concentric reducer and eccentric reducer. One attaches two pipes to the exact point, and the other applies to attach diverse widths of pipes. They help air bubbles in the pipes.



It is a size like the letter ”T”. it has intakes and outtakes. Tees find in various shapes and assume powerful than the bisect fittings. A turn kind of tee applies in the warmth procedure, which needs water. These tees have the edge guide and are necessary to structure properly for the order to function.

11. Union


It can have both gender threads. Union is the same as couplings, but the diversity is unions simple to out creating them suitable for taking care. A coupling character is longer and necessary to give up. It has three types: nut, male end, and female end. It is mostly used to attach the male and female ends.

12. Valve


Valves permits are mostly applied to the orderly liquid in a pipe. There are several types of valves like isolation and throttling. Isolation valves are necessary for plumbing fitting so the structure can stay. Throttling’s valves as applied to force the pressure and quantity of liquid. These kinds of valves are structured close to isolation valves.

13. Cap

It has nearly the same use as a plug. But the chief dissimilarity is that the plug holds male threads, and the cap carries female threads, which are screws on the macho threads of the pipe.

14. Outlet


Owlets kinds of pipe fitting are commonly used where standard-shaped fittings are not for our equipment. There are several kinds of owlets.

15. Plug

The plug is the common necessary element of the plumbing system that is utilized near pipe spacing for reflection and recovery. The plug has male threads.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Plumbing Fittings Names and Pictures

If you are planning to make parking space for single-car then as per CMDA regulations, the standard parking space dimension is 2.5 m (8’2”) wide and 5 m (16’4”) long.

The average parking space size for a car is 16 to 18 feet long and 8 to 9 feet wide which is about 160 square feet.

Types of Pipe Fittings in Plumbing System

Various types of pipe fittings are available in plumbing systems for different purposes and functions. A pipe fitting is used in plumbing system to join multiple pipes of same size or different sizes, to regulate the flow or to measure the flow. They are made up of different materials like copper, iron, brass, PVC etc.

How Do You Connect Two Pipes Together?

When two ends of pipes are joined, the pipe fitting used is called union. A union is made of three parts namely a nut, a male end and a female end. The male and female ends are assembled with the support of the nuts, and necessary pressure is made to connect the joint.

Is a Coupling a Fitting?

Couplings are pipe fittings that help to extend or terminate pipe runs. These fittings are also used to change pipe size. It’s also used to repair a broken or leaking pipe. Most pipe installations require several lengths of pipe to be joined together or cut to facilitate changes in direction and crossing of obstacles.

Plumbing Fittings and Uses

For all piping and plumbing systems used in industrial and commercial applications, the pipe fittings are commonly needed. Fittings require pipes to be joined or mounted in the appropriate place and, where possible, terminated or closed. Fittings come in different shapes and sizes.

These can be expensive, time-consuming, and different resources requiring equipment to build. Changes the pipe capacity, for example reducers, declining tees. Link various components like couplings, and disrupt flows like caps.

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