What Is Quick Setting Cement | Uses of Quick Setting Cement

All About Quick Setting Cement

What Is Quick Setting Cement?

What Is Quick Setting Cement

Quick setting cement is one of the types of cement. This cement setting time very high like initially set in 5 mins and the final set is achieved in 30 mins, and ordinary cement initially set in 30 mins, and the final set is achieved in 24 hours, so we are told that cement Quick setting cement.

This Quick cement setting time very high, so this uses sum special conditions of construction like running water, etc.

Note: We also know Quick setting cement as Rapid set cement and fast setting cement.

Ingredient Quick Setting Cement?

Quick setting cement is a special type of cement, where the setting time of hardening of cement to be fast and the cement is to be less. The cement clinkers are grinded with aluminum sulfate, which accelerates the setting time of cement. Aluminum sulfate is used as an accelerating admixture in the dosage range of 1% to 3% by weight of cement clinkers.

The mechanism of function of aluminum sulfate is that it raises the rate of hydration of tricalcium silicate (C3S) & tricalcium aluminate (C3A) phases of cement, thus providing sooner heat evolution and strength development. It is acts as a catalyst in the hydration of tricalcium silicate (C3S) and tricalcium aluminate (C3A).

Concrete specimens with varying percentages of aluminum sulfate were tested for compressive strength, splitting tensile strength, and flexural strength.

Uses of Quick setting cement

It is used in underwater construction.

  1. This cement use in river bridge construction. Part of birge construction like Pier, Foundation, Pier Cap, Pile Cap, and Piles, all those constructions use quick cement in concrete.
  2. Because of the underwater construction flow of water very high so we are getting work faster and faster, so, we gate use quick setting cement of concrete. Used in rainy & cold weather conditions.
  3. The quick setting cement is used rain & cold weather conditions. In this rainy and cold weather condition &timely complete construction work as soon as possible. So, work completed before the rain.

Why use Cold weather conditions to use quick setting time?

Quick Setting Cement

Quick Setting Cement

A decrease in the rate at which the concrete sets and increases strength, with a resultant increase in the time required to complete the concrete; (at temperatures below freezing) physical damage to the concrete in the kind of surface scaling or bursting, along with the cessation of hydration.

Precautions which can be taken to protect the concrete from cold weather may Include one or more of the following practices: Insulating materials, Providing heaters, and enclosures if sub-zero temperatures are expected Using high-early-strength cement Heating the raw materials Not placing concrete on frozen ground Ensuring means of maintaining suitable curing temperatures

Where quick strength is needed in a short span of time.

  • This quick setting cement of use the short time-limited work for concrete.

The used higher temperatures where water evaporates easily.

  • This cement use to a higher temp. where water evaporates areas like hot climate areas.

Used for anchoring or rock bolt mining and tunnelling.

  • Here using a quick cement for fast anchoring bolt in rock.
  • This concrete also use guniting concrete work for solid concrete

Used for fixing concrete steps.

  • For the anchorage of Rock Bolt in Tunnel & all works underground, quick-setting cement is required.

Concrete Mix Fast Setting

Fast-Setting Concrete Mix (No. 1004) is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed to set hard in approx. 20 to 40 minutes. Sets posts without mixing.

Rapid Set Concrete Mix

Concrete Mix is a high-performance, fast-setting structural repair material. Apply Concrete Mix from 2” to 24” thick. Use for general and structural concrete repair, construction of pavements, formed work, footings, setting posts, industrial floors and machine bases. Conforms to: ASTM C387, C928.

Fast Concrete

Quikrete 50 lb. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel. Designed to set hard in 20-40 minutes. Concrete sets posts without mixing. Easy to use by simply adding water.

Fast Setting Cement Patcher

Got deep concrete damage that needs to fixed fast? Fast Setting Cement Patcher is your mix. Engineered for speed, this pro-grade concrete repair mix can tackle chips, spalls and cracks in both flat and vertical surfaces – getting the job back open in just four hours so you can stay on track.

Fast Set Concrete Mix

Quikrete 50 lb. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel. Designed to set hard in 20-40 minutes. Concrete sets posts without mixing. Easy to use by simply adding water.


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