What Is Panelled Window? | What Is Glazed Window? | Difference Between Paneled Window and Glazed Window

Difference Between Paneled Window and Glazed Window

Introduction of Panelled Window and Glazed Window

  • The window is one of the vital building components. By the window sunlight, ventilation of the building is properly balanced.
  • It also regulates the temperature of the house; it also highlights the house.
  • The window provided a sensation of transparency to the living territories.
  • When we construct a new window, then we consider various styles, the cost of the window, etc.
  • The fact that being utilized for a similar reason, both the windows are their properties, security, accessibility, cost, and so on.
  • panelled window vs. glazed window difference is a very important topic in civil engineering.

The Name of Window Parts

The main parts of the window are following-

  • Head.
  • Sill.
  • Horns.
  • Jamb.
  • Mullion.
  • Reveals.
  • Transom.
  • Holdfasts.

What Is Panelled Window?

Panelled Window (1)

  • The very old version of a window is a Panelled window; it is very common around the world nowadays.
  • Generally, these panels have been made out of wood, but today, they are composed of different materials like titanium, vinyl, etc.
  • The frame members of panelled windows such as stiles and rails meet outside.
  • Sometimes single, dual, 3, or 6 panels of windows are included in the paneled window. But also the windows maybe half paneled and half glazed also.

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What Is Glazed Window?

_Glazed Window

  • In a glazed window, the panels of the window are completely glazed, and that is made of glass.
  • Compare to a paneled window, this window gives us more sunshine, especially while it is shut; it is highly accessible in a number of different forms.
  • The top rail, as well as the bottom rail, is the framework of the structure.
  • This type of window is basically provided as the design structures of both residential and government buildings.
  • In various styles Glazed window is available such as etched glass windows, frosted glass windows, tinted glass windows, double glazed windows, etc.

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Difference Between Paneled Window and Glazed Window

There are different types of differences present between these two windows, those are-

Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Composition:

Composition of Panelled Window

  • Wood, metal, aluminum, PVC,  or even fiberglass frames, etc., are the main materials to construct the paneled window.

Composition of Glazed Window

  • Glass panels with a wooden shutter frame like aluminum  frame, mixture of glass-like frosted glass,  hardened glass, etched glass, is the main component of the glazed window.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Uses

Uses of Panelled Window:

  • This type of window is widely used in private or municipal buildings.

Uses of  Glazed Window:

  • In institutional and private buildings, this type of window is widely used. In workplaces, clinics, shopping areas, it is seen as an architectural structure. It also has aesthetic beauty.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Advantages:

Advantages of paneled window:

  • This type of window is strong and solid because it is contrasted with coated window.
  • This type of window can be made in different shapes.
  • Panelled window provides extra security and safety.

Advantages of Paneled Window:

  • This type of window allows more daylight than paneled window.
  • Glazed windows allow more daylight and a beautiful outside view through the window. One can easily watch the outside.
  • This window gives us the beautiful and aesthetic beauty of the building.
  • Glazed windows are available in the market in different varieties like leaded glass, scratched glass, etc.
  • This type of window provides less security rather than paneled window, and sometimes it has some soundproof coating materials.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Disadvantages:

Disadvantages of Panelled Window:

  • The main disadvantage of the paneled window is it’s very heavy considering the glazed window.
  • This type of window is not economical because the cost of wood is very high.
  • When the window is totally locked, there is no space for incoming light; the room will be fully dark.
  • If the wood is not well seasoned, then it will bend.
  • A sliding window is not possible because of the high weight of the wood.

Disadvantages of the Glazed Windows:

  • This type of window is less solid and robust than the paneled window.
  • This type of window cleaning operation is much more needed.
  • In this window, there is a high chance of robbery due to its greater transparency. So it is not very safe for domestic building.
  • The glazed window requires curtains to prevent the sunlight.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Properties:

Panelled Window Properties:

  • Durability: Panelled window is more durable than a glazed window.
  • Permeability: In monsoon time, this type of window needs to shut because it stretches and falls.
  • Flexural strength or breaking strength: It has good flexural strength.
  • Freeze resistance: IT does not look good at freeze resistance.
  • Scratch resistance: It has low scratch-resistance ability compared with a glazed window.
  • Stain tolerance: Panelled window has low stain tolerance power.
  • UV light resistance: It has poor UV resistance power.

Properties of the Glazed Window:

  • Durability: This window is less durable than the glazed window.
  • Flexural strength: Glazed window has poor flexural strength and high breaking strength.
  • Absorption of water: This type of window does not contain moisture, and it’s very easy to operate.
  • Scratch resistance: It has a high scratch resistance ability.
  • Freeze resistance: Glazed window has a high freeze resistance ability.
  • Stain resistance: It has high staining tolerance.
  • UV light resistance: Glazed window has UV ray resistance power compared to the paneled window.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Installing:

Panelled Window Installing:

Trained labour is required to install this type of window due to its high weight.

Glazed Window Installing:

This type of window installing is quite simple, and the weight is not too much like the previous one, so it requires less trained labour.

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Maintenance:

Panelled Window Maintenance:

The maintenance process is difficult in the paneled window, so this type of window is dirtier.

Glazed Window Maintenance:

The cleaning process in the glazed is easy due to the glossy finish compared with the paneled window.

Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Size:

Size of paneled window:

  • (60 x 120) cm
  • (75 x 140) cm
  • (50 x 100) cm
  • (80 x 120) cm

Size of glazed window:

  • (60 x 90) cm
  • (80 x 120) cm
  • (92.5 x 130) cm
  • (90 x 135) cm

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Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window: Expenses:

Panelled window expenses: The expenses of the paneled window is a little bit higher than the glazed window. The cost is 250-3000 rs/ sq.ft.

Glazed window expenses: The expenses of the glazed window are lower compare to the paneled window; the cost is 150-2000 rs/ sq.ft.

Panelled Window Vs Glazed Window Manufacture:

Panelled window manufacture: This type of window is made of wood, plywood, etc.

Glazed window manufacture: This type of window is made of  Hindustan National Glass & Industries Ltd, (HNG) and other glass manufacturing companies.

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