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What Is a Shovel?

What Is a Shovel

A shovel is a working tool by which we can move any type of materials like sand, ore, soil, gravel, snow, cool, etc. And by the shovel, we can do other things like digging holes, planting new trees, etc.

Most of the shovels making as hand tools and they are lightweight for doing easy work, and the handle size keeps a medium length, and the blade is made with heavy plastic or sheet steel.

Types of Shovels

Types of Shovels

There are generally 13 types of shovels are found in the market. Those are in the following below

1. Edging Shovel

Edging Shovel

This type of shovel is used in the garden and lawns. Edging shovels are used for boarder, outlines, creating clean edge, etc. Edging shovel has long shaft handle, footplate for pressure purpose by feet, and a small semi-circular portion attached at the bottom portion of the shovel.

The blades of this shovel are very sharp and it can easily cut the corresponding soil of the garden or other places. Those blades are not deep enough and we use it for shallow cutting purposes. Edging shovels are mainly u8sed for lining purposes and it also used for removing plant roots.

2. Trench Shovel

Trench Shovel

Trench shovel is also known as ditch shovel. It has generally two uses those are- Shallow trenches can be excavated by this shovel We can clean deep trenches by a trench shovel

A trench shovel has long blades and sharp pointed tip which is attached with the body with a certain angle. This also has a footplate for creating extra pressure purpose. Trench shovels are widely used by landscape gardeners.

3. Flat Shovel

Flat Shovel

Flat shovel is known by this name because it has flat blades and this is generally used for dumping or scooping purpose. In flat shovel, the blades are concave in nature.

This is basically rectangular in shape which helps to carry the material properly. This shovel is good for loading and unloading purpose of materials and it can easily carry sand, soil, gravel, etc in the garden.

The footplate is also provided here and it will help to provide extra pressure. These are generally best for shallow digging, spreading, and moving purposes.

4. Tree-Planting Shovel

Tree-Planting Shovel

These types of shovels are mainly used for quick gardening purpose like tree plantation. Tree-planting shovel has sharp blade and in that portion small holes are also placed.

The longer shaft shovels are good for even ground purpose and the short ones are perfect for hilly area. This type of shovel is used to plant a tree by creating hole and dig up a tree from the ground. The shape of tree-planting shovel is same as trenching shovel.

5. Power Shovel

Power Shovel

Power shovel is a type of shovel which is run by gas or electricity. Snow shovel is a type of power shovel. Snow shovel is basically small in size and comparatively lightweight in nature. Another type of power shovel is a jackhammer where shovel is also attached. This is used to excavate the earth from the ground.

6. Post Hole Shovel

Post Hole Shovel

Post hole shovel is also known as post hole digger where two shovels are attached. One blade of this shovel is inward curve shape and very sharp in nature, it will help to penetrate that into the roots of the tree.

The main purpose of post hole shovel is to create deep holes in the ground for fencing purposes. It is also used for pinching, and digging purposes.

7. Handheld Shovel

Handheld Shovel

Handheld shovels are also known as by some other names like a garden trowel, garden shovel, hand trowel, hand shovel, garden spade, etc. This shovel has a short handle it is used to remove weeds, digging purpose, plant removing in the garden. It has round, sharp and concave type blade which is perfect for scooping.

8. Root Shovel

Root Shovel

This type of shovel has triangular-shaped blade. The one side of this shovel is serrated which helps to establish the plant roots. This shovels are especially designed for tree removal, disposal and planting purpose. Root shovel is also used for creating a hole for new tree plantation.

9. Scoop Shovel

Scoop Shovel

Compare to other shovels the scoop shovel has a large type of blade. The scoop shovel has a shorter handle and shaft that provide it’s a standard size, which makes work easy.

The blade of the scoop slope sometime can be rounded but it has a generally flat tip. For easily moving materials, the scoop shovels have rigid side edges with scooped shapes. For moving a large number of materials like gravel, soil, debris, and wood chipping, the scoop shovels are very useful.

This type of shovel can be constructed with various types of materials, compared to other types of material aluminum shovel has a shorter lifespan. But this aluminum type of shovel is lighter weight, for this reason with this you can easily move heavy materials.

10. Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

Most people are don’t know what is snow shovel, but if you are lived in a hilly country, then you regularly work with it, because it is the most essential thing for hilly areas’ civilization.

The snow shovel is constructed with a long shaft and size and it is also made with plastic, wood, and metal. The blade of the snow shovel is large and the shape of the shovel is rectangular with vertically curved. The modular shape makes the shovel workable like any type of material you can easily through anywhere.

11. Pointed Digger Shovel

Pointed digger shovel

When we need to dig a heavily compacted soil or rocky soil or heavy tough soil then we have to need a pointed digger shovel. This type of digger has a slightly curved blade and has also a pointed tip.

This type of feature makes the shovel ideal for digging and provides a tight holding. The pointed digger shovel has a wide footplate and also has a long shaft, that’s made of plastic or wood. The footplate provides you to use your weight to dig through denser or deeper soil than most shovels will allow.

12. Round Digger Shovel

Round digger shovel

If you want to design holes on soft soil, then for your job round digger shovel is the best shovel. Like pointed digger soil, it also has curved edges blade, which makes work easy and it also has a curved shaped tip.

The round digger shovels are generally used for transplanting bedding plants or with it doing holes for new trees or plants. But if your area has rocky soil, tough soil, or clay soil, then the round digger shovel can suffer and cannot provide an adequate result, in this type of soil point digger shovel is best.

13. Folding Shovel

Folding shovel

The folding shovel can easily be portable because it can be folded in half according to its length. These types of shovels are generally used for camping trips or other outside work because it has lightweight and easy to carry.

The folding shovels are generally available at low or high prices, the low prices shovels have a very short lifespan and they can be easily broken because the low prices shovels are generally made of plastic, and on the other hand, the high prices shovels are generally made of steel, that has more lifespan compare to another shovel.


Types of Shovels

  • Digging Shovel.
  • Edging Shovel.
  • Trench Shovel.
  • Mini or Handheld Shovel.
  • Post-Hole Shovel.
  • Scoop or Snow Shovel.
  • Tree Planting Shovel.
  • Flat Shovel.

Different Types of Shovels

  • Edging shovel.
  • Trench shovel.
  • Flat shovel.
  • Tree-planting shovel.
  • Power shovel.
  • Post hole shovel.
  • Handheld shovel.
  • Root shovel.

Shovel Spade Type

A spade is shorter and has a flat blade, while a shovel is longer, angled, and its blade is curved into more of a scoop. Shovels are better for digging up, breaking apart, and lifting soil as well as for scooping and moving loose materials.

Smal Flat Head Shovel

This is a flat shovel, and is used mostly for edging, transplanting woody perennials and small shrubs due to how easy it is to cut through roots, and trenching.

Plumbers Shovel

  • Fiskars Digging Shovel. This Fiskars Digging Shovel is ideal for digging in tough soil.
  • Bond Mini D-Handle Shovel.
  • True Temper D-Grip Digging Shovel.
  • BLACK+DECKER D-Handle Mini Garden Shovel.
  • Bully Tools Round Point Shovel.
  • Seymour Handle Notched Super Shovel.

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