Steel Is Most Trusted TMT Bar in India?

Why Shyam Steel Is Most Trusted TMT Bar Brand in India

Introduction of Shyam Steel Industries Ltd.

Shyam Steel Industries Ltd started its journey in 1953 with a small factory in Howrah, West Bengal which is now one of the leading TMT Bar Manufacturers & Supplier in India.

Shriram Beriwal, the founder-director of Shyam Steel always dreamt of contributing to the greater good of our society. Later his younger brother Shyam Sunder Beriwal joined him. Shyam Steel Industries Ltd is currently a 30 billion group followed by the production MTPA 7,00,000.

Shyam Steel has 4 manufacturing units in India. Their steel plants are well-equipped and backed up with state-of-the-art facilities. Their products are ISO Certified.

This West Bengal-based TMT Bar company is associated with valuable projects across India. Their TMT Bar and other related products have been used in projects like

  • Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad
  • Paradip Refinery
  • Kolkata Metro Railways
  • Haldia Petrochemicals
  • Kaiga Atomic Power Station
  • Panipat Elevated Corridor.

and many more.

They are majorly associated with major government projects whereas, they are approved by the major government bodies.

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What Sets Shyam Steel Apart?

What Sets Shyam Steel Apart

The company never compromised on quality which is why not only for civil construction but also in retail segments they are continuously strengthening billion of homes on a daily basis. The story never ends here from time to time basis they have been part of various CSR Activities.

To highlight a few,

  • During the pandemic (Covid 19) Shyam Steel Industries Ltd contributed a huge amount to PM’s fund, CM Fund, and various other organizations. Not only that they reached out to various neighborhoods across the country and supplied food, staples, groceries, etc on daily basis.
  • Their ‘Happiness Drive’ Initiative during Christmas 2020 was to spread smiles to millions of kids who are unprivileged.
  • Cleaner City Initiative Shyam Steel had placed 1000 bins across the city for pursuing sustainable development through all aspects of a cleaner and greener city.

Apart from these in a timely manner, they were a part for

  • Ambulance Distribution to rural areas.
  • School Development Programme.
  • Blood Donation Camp.
  • Children’s Area Development and many more.

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Corporate Social Responsibility by Shyam Steel

With the progressive approach towards society, the company had never thought twice. They not only focused on the Great quality of TMT Bars but also dedicated a segment that is known as Home Building Tips.Under this segment, they personally reached out to the people who were lagging behind in semi-urban & rural areas to build their homes. They guided them from scratch and provided all the possible help that they needed.

Home Building Tips by Shyam Steel

With the modern technological advancement and being a part of the country where most of the area comes under Earthquake-prone, Shyam Steel dedicatedly focused on a specific grade of TMT Bar that makes every structure secure at the optimum level during any natural calamities.Their Fe 500d grade of TMT Bar is even mostly recommended by IS Standards for its elongation makes every home safe & secure during the earthquake. Shyam Steel’s Fe 500d Grade of TMT Bar has a specific feature that makes it apart from the others in the market.

  • Strength.
  • Elongation.
  • Weldability.
  • Bendability.
  • Less Brittle.
  • Corrosion Resistant.
  • Earthquake Resistant.

For all these, if you go to any part of the country you can see how everyone appreciates Shyam Steel as a company. The company never believed in only growing but focused on the growth of society in every aspect.

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Shyam Steel Owner Name

LALIT BERIWALA – Owner, SHYAM STEEL INDUSTRIES LTD – Baduria, West Bengal, India | LinkedIn.

Which Tmt Steel Is Best?

Fe500 and Fe500D TMT bars are both the best TMT steel bars for construction projects. The tensile strength of Fe500 and Fe500D remains the same. But, Fe500D TMT bars have greater ductile strength compared to Fe500 TMT bars, making it more preferable where ductility is a primary factor of consideration.

Which Is the Best Steel in India?

List of top 10 best steel exporters and manufacturing companies in India:

  • Tata Steel Ltd.
  • JSW Steel.
  • Prime Gold.
  • Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
  • Bhushan Steel.
  • Jindal Steel & Power.
  • Essar Steel India Ltd.
  • Electrosteel Steel Ltd.

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