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All About Emulsion Paint Vs Oil Based Paint

Introduction to Paints

Introduction to Paints

Paints are commonly used for the decoration of the Structure. Paints are one of the important parts which give a good appearance to the Structure.

There are various types of paints are available in the market such as aluminium paint, cement paint, emulsion paint, enamel paint, plastic paint, silicate paint and oil-based Paints etc.

Many people get confused between the emulsion paint and oil-based Paints. It is very difficult to choose the Best Paint for our house.

Because there are different types of paints are available in the market. Each painting has different applications and qualities.
In this article, we will give you a comparison between the Emulsion paints and oil-based paints which will help you to clear all your doubts and help you to choose the best paint for your house.

The Paints are the coating of the fluid material which is applied on the various surfaces as the final finish. Paints are used for providing a coating on the surfaces like walls, ceilings, wood and metal work etc.

Purpose of Providing Paints

There are various purposes for which the Paints are provided on the surfaces are as follows

  1. To provide a coating to the different surfaces.
  2. To protect the wooden surfaces from decay.
  3. To provide the decorative fish and obtain a clean and pleasing surface.
  4. To protect the surface from the aggressive effects of weathering.

Properties of Good Paint

  1. Paint should adhere to the surface on which it is applied.
  2. A painted possesses good covering power.
  3. The paint should be smooth, hard and wearing resistance.
  4. The paint should not be affected by weathering agencies.
  5. The paint film on drying should be impervious.
  6. Paint should be uniform in thickness when it is applied on the surface.
  7. The paint should offer a smooth and uniform surface.
  8. Paint should be durable and strong enough to resist the penetration of moisture.

What Is Emulsion Paint?

What Is Emulsion Paint

Emulsion paint it is a type of paint which consists of a vehicle such as polyvinyl acetate, synthetic resins usually chlorinated rubber etc as the main constituent.

In the case of the emulsion paints because of its constituents, the emulsion paints imparts an excellent quality of the alkali resistance. Emulsion Paints are quick-drying Paints which has good workability and durability.

Emulsion Paints are recommended to use on bricks and masonry surfaces which contain free alkali. Emulsion paints are Inflammable paints. Emulsion Paints have final finish such as mat, smooth, eggshell and glossy.

Advantages of Emulsion Paint

There are various advantages of emulsion paint are as follows

  1. Emulsion paint can be used for painting on any surface such as wooden, concrete and metallic etc.
  2. The emulsion is inflammable so that it does not cause harm.
  3. Emulsion paint gives a glossy and uniform finish to the surface on which it is applied.
  4. Emulsion Paints does not crack due to the temperature variations.
  5. The washability of the emulsion paints is very good and it can be also washed with the help of water.

Disadvantages of Emulsion Paint

The disadvantages of the emulsion Paints are as follows

  1. Emulsion Paints have a low rate of drawing in an atmosphere where the humidity is very high.
  2. Emulsion Paints are more expensive as compared to oil based Paints.

What Is Oil Based Paint?

What Is Oil Based Paint

Oil based Paints are the ordinary paints which essentially consists of two constituents which are based and vehicle. The oil painting also contains other elements such as drier, inert filler and colouring pigments etc. The Oil Paints are widely used in all types of surfaces which includes woodwork, walls, ceilings, metal work as well as all types of internal works.

Oil-based Paints possesses the qualities of good opacity as well as good appearance. The oil based Paints are fairly workable paint which has resistance against the weathering action of the atmosphere. Oil based paint has final finish such as high gloss and opaque.

Advantages of Oil Based paint

The different advantages of oil based Paints are as follows

  1. Oil based Paints gives a good and high gloss finish.
  2. Oil based Paints are less expensive as compared to the emulsion Paints.
  3. Oil based Paints gives a thicker layer to the surface due to which there is less number of coats are required.
  4. The oil based paints are more durable and hard.
  5. Only based Paints have good adhesion property.

Disadvantages of Oil based paint

The disadvantages of oil based paints are as follows

  1. The oil based paints take longer time to dry.
  2. Oil based paint cannot be used on the untreated walls or the surfaces without any application of primer.
  3. The oil based Paints consists of toxic elements which may cause harm.
  4. Oil based Paints have strong order and they are flammable in nature.
  5. Oil based Paints can track the dust particles and insects when they are in the which condition.

Which One Is the Best Emulsion Paint or Oil-Based Paint?

The selection of the best paint for your home depends upon your budget and requirements. Emulsion Paints are widely used as compared to the oil based Paints because the emulsion paints do not cause any harm to the humans where the oil based paints consist of the toxic elements which can cause irritation of eyes and skin.

If you are planning to colour the children room recommended using emulsion paint because the image and paints are saved and do not cause harm as far as the safety of the children is concerned.


Introduction to Paints

Paint can be used as a coating to decorate a surface or substrate. It has a wide variety of colour, texture, finishes and gross level.

Paint can be designed to protect the surface or substrate against ultra-violet rays, humidity, chemicals, corrosion, algae, abrasion etc.

Purpose of Providing Paints

Paint is used to protect all sorts of buildings and structures from the effects of water and sun. Wooden buildings such as houses are usually painted because a coat of paint prevents water seeping into the wood and making it rot. The paint also helps to prevent the wood from drying out in the hot sun.

What is Emulsion Paint

Emulsion mostly refers to paint used for walls and ceilings. It’s water-based with vinyl or acrylic added for durability. It comes in a range of finishes: gloss, satin, eggshell, silk, flat matt or matt.

Pros of Emulsion Paint

  • Emulsion paints are less toxic as compared to other oil based paints and have less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and also cause fewer problems such as skin irritations.
  • Emulsion paints are easy to apply and dry quicker than other water-based paint and oil based paint.

Corn of Emulsion Paint

  • Emulsion paints have low drying rate in high humidity atmosphere.
  • It may be more expensive than the oil based paint.

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