Types of Coffered Ceiling | What Is Coffered Ceiling | Coffered Ceiling Cost

Types of Coffered Ceiling

What Is Coffered Ceiling?

What Is Coffered Ceiling?

The coffered ceiling is like the baroque style which is invented in the early era of the Renaissance when all the other ceilings are made of stones. At that time coffered ceilings are attached to the nobility because it is a very expensive type of ceiling.

Coffered ceilings can produce different shapes and styles in the ceiling, those are like a hexagonal, polygonal, octagonal, square grid, etc. This type of ceiling is installed to overcome the sagging effect and increases durability & flexibility.

Types of Coffered Ceiling

Types of Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings can be modified easily into different types and styles. There are generally various types of coffered ceilings are available, those are in the following-

  1. Traditional Coffer: This type of coffer ceiling is very similar to the waffle ceiling. Traditional coffer ceilings are like box or grid like patterns which are every simple and natural. You can also modify or add some crown molding to it.
  2. Rustic Coffer: Rustic coffers are different from traditional coffer, they are like box which are like simple wood beams without any additional molding. This style of ceiling is best for farmhouse or country-side style.
  3. Geometric Coffer: This type of ceiling can decorate your ceiling in different style like triangular, hexagonal, octagonal, etc. Square shaped geometric ceiling can also be installed.
  4. Contemporary Coffer: Contemporary coffer is a very symmetric type of ceiling with clear grid pattern of beams. In this type of coffer ceiling, lumber is sometimes used to wrap the drywall, which is naturally used in coastal area.

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What Does Coffered Ceiling Look Like?

What Does Coffered Ceiling Look Like?

Among all other types of ceiling, coffered ceiling is an unique type of ceiling with some unique styles. Generally coffered ceilings are like square grid patterns, hexagonal patterns, octagonal patterns, triangular patterns, etc.

In coffered ceilings, sometimes beams are placed in a straight line and they are wrapped by lumber woods.

Coffered Ceiling Cost

Coffered Ceiling Cost

Coffered ceiling is generally an expensive ceiling type, the average installing cost of coffered ceiling is near about $3500 to $7500. 12’ x 12’ coffered ceiling is very popular type for residential purpose, the cost of this ceiling is nearly $5000.

The cost of traditional type of coffered ceiling is $2500 but you are seeking of luxurious coffered ceiling then you must pay nearly $14,000.

The installation of coffered ceiling per square foot is $17 to $60 and the cost of 12’ x 12’ room cost per square foot is $2500 to $8500.

Coffered ceiling cost of materials-

Coffered Ceiling Material
Cost per square foot
MDF $2 – $7
Drywall $2 – $4
Poplar $2.5 – $7
Plywood $2.5 – $5
Pine $3 – $7
Oak $4 – $20
Cherry $6 – $17
Maple $5 – $15
PVC panel $15 – $25
Walnut $7 – $30
Mahogany $16 – $30

Coffered Ceiling Materials

Coffered Ceiling Materials

There are different types of materials are used to construct coffered ceiling, those are in the following-

  1. Drywall: Among all other materials type, drywall is the cheapest material and the cost of the drywall is $2 – $4 per square foot. You can easily customize it and apply paint on it to provide an extraordinary look. Drywall coffered ceiling is used for shallow ceilings because it can not bear heavy loads. If you want deeper ceilings then you go for steel structures.
  2. MDF: MDF is a medium density coffered ceiling which cost is near about $2 to $7 per square foot. MDF is a combined material of softwood o hardwood with wood fibre, mixed with wax and apply heat. This type of ceiling is used for strong and smooth surface and it can resist moist5ure.
  3. Plywood: Plywood is a very common material, which is widely used in construction purpose. The cost of a plywood coffered ceiling is nearly $2.5 to $5. Plywood is available in almost every place and some of them have a rough surface and some of them has smooth one. Human error is one of the biggest problems in plywood works and plywood quality also vary according to the price.
  4. Poplar Ceiling: This type of ceiling is made of hardwoods and it is very common and stylish ceiling which is widely used in United States. The cost of a poplar ceiling is $2.5 to $7. It provides a smooth surface and you can easily print over it. Poplar ceiling is not very high; so, everyone can afford it. The one thing is it’s very prone to breaking, so you need to put extra care when you are installing.
  5. Pine Ceiling: This type of ceiling is available in the market with various shape and size. The installing cost of pine ceiling is $2 to $7 per square foot. Pine ceiling can be customized like printing over it, adding different style, etc. Pine wood is very light in colour, so it will provide more light in your room.
  6. Oak Coffered Ceiling: Oak coffered ceiling is a type of ceiling which is used in industries, constructions, interior purposes, etc. The cost of oak coffered ceiling is $4 to $20. Oak coffered ceiling provides a rusty surface finish. The variation of colour is presented in oak wood.
  7. Maple: Maple wood coffered ceiling has very smooth surface finish and it does not have a small grain on surface. This property provides a classy and elegant look. It is very heavy material that’s why it’s not very user friendly. The cost of maple coffered ceiling is $5 to $15.
  8. Cherry Coffered Ceiling: Cherry coffered ceiling has very unique and beautiful colour with smooth grains. The cost of cherry coffered ceiling is $6 to $17. It is so much heavy and hardy. The cost of cherry coffered ceiling is so much high.
  9. Walnut Coffered Ceiling: Walnut wood is enriched with different bright colour; so, the cost of the walnut coffered ceiling is also high. The installation cost of walnut coffered ceiling is $7 to $30.
  10. PVC Panel Ceiling: This type of ceiling is modern type of ceiling which is very decorative in nature & one can easily install it. The installation cost of PVC panel ceiling is $15 to $25. It is a high cost material and requires skilled labour to install. When the quality of PVC panel quality decreases then we need to replace it.
  11. Mahogany Coffered Ceiling: It is a very luxurious type of ceiling and the cost of this is also very high. The installation cost is near about $16 to $30,

Are Coffered Ceilings Outdated

Are Coffered Ceilings Outdated

According to the time coffered ceilings are very outdated because it is invented & widely used in early era of Renaissance time in U.S. So, according to that it is very outdated.

In recent times coffered ceilings have improved themselves by adding some different materials, different styles, different combinations, etc. Nowadays open concept rooms are very popular; so, we think coffered ceiling also make a great comeback.

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Coffered Ceiling Installation

Coffered Ceiling Installation

There are so many steps are there to installing a coffered ceiling, those are in the following below-

  1. Materials and Tools Gathering: It is the first step of this work where you need to gather your all required tools and materials for your work purpose.
  2. Demo: After that, you need to remove all the electrical wirings and started all beam assembling and trimming operations. Then remove the building materials which cover the ceiling.
  3. Map of Grids: Then you create the grid like structure and place those beams in that place. This is the starting operation because if you do not install this beam grid structure then you can not process further works.
  4. Drywall Installation: In next step you need to install drywall. Drywall piece is generally 2 x 4 feet in size and it needs 2-inches drywall screws for fixing.
  5. Installation of Clad Coffer Beams: In this step clad coffer beams are added to the roof for supporting purpose.
  6. Wood Filler: After that wood filler will be added to rectify all the vacant spaces of the structure.
  7. Trim and Stain Coffers: Finally extra portion of the whole structure will be trimmed out and use stain paint for showing more and natural stain in the wood.


Types of Coffered Ceiling

There are two primary types of authentic coffer ceilings: box beam and hidden rod. The box beam style is where structural joints between wood beams are covered with drywall panels.

What Is a Crawford Ceiling?

Coffered ceilings are overhead architectural features consisting of rectangular, square, or octagonal grids in three-dimensional sunken or recessed panels.

Are Coffered Ceilings Outdated?

Coffered ceilings say luxury and style, two elements that generally speaking will never go out of fashion. The idea in general is a somewhat more traditional architectural detail. However, it can be brought into modern homes with more of a clean coffer, for instance with no use of decorative molding.

Are Coffered Ceilings Expensive?

Price: Because coffered ceilings require professional installation and advanced carpentry skills, expect to spend at least $25-30 per square foot. Function: In present day use, coffered ceilings are almost always decorative. If you’re looking to incorporate real beams (vs.

Coffered Ceiling Cost

How much do coffered ceilings cost? Labor for coffered ceiling installation costs an average of $10 to $25 per square foot. You’ll also have to pay for materials, supplies, and framing, which can cost between $8 and $30 per square foot.

Coffered Ceiling Cost Per Square Foot

On average, a 150-square-foot coffered ceiling costs approximately $3,000 to $4,500. You can expect to pay extra for the tin tiles, crown molding, and medallions. In terms of area, it will cost you about $20 to 30 per square foot for the basic construction plus the cost of the decorative accents.

Tray Ceiling Cost

Tray ceilings are slightly more expensive than traditional ceilings because of the additional material and labor involved. Blackburn advises that constructing a tray ceiling costs around $2-$4 per square foot to install, or around $500-$1,500 in a new home construction.

Cost to Add Tray Ceiling

Prices vary in every city and for each project, but homeowners typically spend $2 – $4 per square foot to install tray ceilings. In a new-construction home, you might spend $500 – $1,500 total per ceiling.

What Is the Purpose of a Coffered Ceiling?

Besides their dramatic appearance, coffered ceilings have other benefits as well: They give the illusion of spaciousness, absorb excess sound, and potentially add to a home’s resale value.

Do Coffered Ceilings Add Value?

Sound: Unlike other architecturally-strong ceiling styles, a coffered ceiling absorbs sound, eliminating echoes while keeping noise from being heard in other rooms. Value: According to reports, a coffered ceiling can increase your home’s resale value by a significant amount.

What Is the Latest Trend in Ceiling Finishes?

It’s on trend in 2023 to give architectural elements a little twist: use triangles for a coffered ceiling instead of squares, paint the top of the tray ceiling a different color or cover it with a different material, do some creative lighting.

Coffered Ceiling Materials

CONSTRUCTION. Each coffered ceiling tile is made of rigid PVC (plastic). This manufacturing method means panels are easy to handle while installing. Plastic ceiling panels are lightweight compared to standard ceiling tiles so installation is less strenuous.

Is Coffered Ceiling Modern?

Modern coffered ceiling designs are trending options that are not a new fashion but have been traditionally applied by the rich and famous of the olden days. Coffered ceilings designs are made up of a series of rectangular, square, or octagonal grids within recessed or three-dimensional panels.

Are Textured Ceilings Making a Comeback?

They steadily declined in popularity after the ’80s, and popcorn ceilings haven’t made a comeback since.

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