What Is Bow Window | Types of Bow Windows | Bow Window Sizes | Advantages & Disadvantages of Bow Window

What Is Bow Window Types of Bow Windows Bow Window Sizes Advantages & Disadvantages of Bow Window

What Is Bow Window?

What Is Bow Window

Bow window a type of window which is used to provide extra space to the homeowner. It creates extra space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of the building and provides extra wider view of the street or the garden.

Bow window is widely known as the compass window. Bow window is basically a combination of three or four windows which join each other and creates a beautiful arch. The first use of bow windows is observed in the eighteenth century in United Kingdom.

Some famous example of bow windows is White’s club, London.

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Types of Bow Windows

Types of Bow Windows

Bow windows are constructed nearly 500 years ago and those are not so much changed. There are generally four types of bow windows are present in civil engineering. Those are in the following-

1. Canted Type

Canted Type

Canted type is the classic type of bow window, where it has flat straight front and angles side. These types of windows are generally seen in the residential buildings.

2. Box Type

Box Type

Box window is same as canted window where it has flat front side and the side portions meet with a angle of 90 degree and it looks like a box, that’s why it is called box window.

3. Oriel Type

Oriel Type

It is one of the oldest type of bow window and it is found in the old England. Oriel window is seen in the side of a building and it’s never touched the ground. It also provide extra structural support and also increases the aesthetic beauty of the house.

4. Circular Type

Circular Type

Circular type of bow window is an uncommon type where it has its own category. Here, a large glass panel is placed and additional glass is fixed on the top of the window.

Bow Window Sizes

Bow Window Sizes

There are so many sizes are available in the market, those are-

Window Type Minimum Width Maximum Width Minimum Height Maximum Height Minimum Depth
Maximum Depth
3-wide 52” 108” 26” 73” 4” 7”
4-wide 69” 143″ 26″ 73″ 7″ 13″
5-wide 85″ 164″ 26″ 73″ 10″ 18″
6-wide 101″ 164″ 26″ 73″ 14″ 23″
7-wide 116″ 164″ 26″ 73″ 19″ 26″

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Bow Window

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bow Window

Advantages of Bow Window

There are so many pros of bow windows, those are in the following-

  1. Natural Light: Bow window is basically a very wide opening window and it helps to enter more natural sunlight from outside. Bow window also provides a beautiful panoramic view of the outside. It also provides mental and visual refreshments of the owner.
  2. Stylish: Bow window is very stylish type window and it provides more space in the room. It also very energy efficient, good aesthetic beauty, etc.
  3. Ventilation: Bow window is naturally a combination of three or more windows, so it provides a good air ventilation.
  4. Home Value Increased: It can also increases the value of the house because it is a beautiful window. So, who want to sell his or her property they can earn extra benefits.
  5. Cozy Reading Retreat: Bow window creates an enough space for reading purpose. One can easily fits a reading table or sofa for reading purpose.
  6. Versatility: This windows are very versatile due to it’s design, everyone wants to install it to their home. Now a days people installing bow window into the bedroom, kitchen also.

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Disadvantages of Bow Window

There are also some cons are presented in the bow windows, those are-

  1. Bow window provides an extra opening to your room but in the summer time, extra sunlight can create huge problem but if you install coloured glass then this problem will be reduce. So, this is one of the main disadvantages of using a bow window.
  2. In bow window, you need to fit a custom type curtain. This type of curtain are very costly, so, it will increase the initial cost of the whole work. This is another disadvantage.
  3. Bow window is a very structurally heavy window; so, if you want to install it then make sure that your house foundation must be strong enough to carry a huge load of that window without creating any problem.


What Is the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

A bay window has three openings, available in angled projections. A bow window usually has four or five. A bay window’s overall structure consists of a picture window with two other windows, usually smaller, on either side. A bow window’s structure is curved, creating a rounded appearance on the outside of the home.

Bow Window Prices

On average, a bow window can cost you around $4,270, but most homeowners pay anywhere from $2,190 to $6,140. To compare, the average cost for a standard window replacement is only $670. One factor that determines the cost of a bow window depends on if you’re getting replacement bow windows or completely new ones.

Pella Bow Window Cost

The average Pella bay window will cost anywhere from $500 to $1200 per window unit. Pella bay window prices vary depending on your selection of size, colors, frame types, and local labor and installation cost. The average installation cost of a Pella bay or bow window can range from $625 to $1,500.

Bow Window Replacement Cost

Bow windows cost more due to their complicated design. They average $1,600–⁠$4,800 and can range as high as $2,400–⁠$5,300 with installation costs.

What Is a Bow Window Vs Bay?

Similar to bay windows, bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall, but sweep away from the wall in a graceful arch of four, five, or six windows. This elegant window style is typically larger than the bay window style and has more glass area because of a curve in lieu of corners.

Which One Is More Expensive Bay or Bow Windows?

Bay and bow windows are both more expensive than regular window replacements. You are adding an architectural feature, after all. But, bow windows are typically much more expensive than bay windows. Bow windows are usually twice as large as bay windows, which raises the price.

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