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What Is Fresh Concrete? | Properties of Fresh Concrete | Factors Affecting Workability

all about of Fresh Concrete

What Is Fresh Concrete?

Properties of Fresh Concrete

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1. Workability

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2. Segregation

Segregation is generally the separation of the constituents substances of concrete. Segregation is of 3 types:-

This concrete is weak because of lack of homogeneity & having a deduction of desirable properties.

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Harmful Effects because of the Segregation of Concrete,

3. Bleeding

Prevention of Bleeding in Concrete

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4. Plastic Shrinkage

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5. Setting Time

6. Temperature

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7. Water Cement Ratio

8. Hydration In Fresh Concrete

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9. Consistency

10. Slump loss

Slump loss in concrete is caused by the subsequent reasons:-

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Factors Affecting Workability

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